After Sandy, Neighbors Celebrate Halloween

Residents in one Pleasantville neighborhood rallied to allow local kids to trick-or-treat after all.

After village officials warned of down trees and wires in Pleasantville that would have made trick-or-treating on Halloween night—two days after Sandy—dangerous, a local mom came up with a Plan B.

"After the hurricane, there was a lot of confusion as to whether we were allowed to trick-or-treat," said Kim Bendus, the Weskora Avenue resident who organized the effort. "I heard from a lot of friends and families that kinds were disappointed."

In her eight years on the street, Bendus said her family and neighbors have typically lucked out.

"Our street was clear and we didn't lose power," she said.

So on the Saturday after Halloween, Bendus arranged for neighborhood children to have one hour of trick-or-treating in an area she knew would be safe.

"A lot of people from around town dropped off unused Halloween candy and ShopRite actually donated candy for all 35 houses," she revealed. "They sent their mascot [Scrunchy the bear] to come over and trick-or-treat with the kids. It really came true for us."

Walking through the neighborhood on Saturday felt just like Halloween, with kids and parents in costume and bowls of candy waiting for eager trick-or-treaters.

"It's a silly tradition, but the kids were disappointed," Bendus said. "It's just one of those things you look forward to doing."

Kim Bendus November 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Quick correction and 2 comments... Shoprite's mascot is Scrunchy the Bear, and they really came through for us. Thanks really goes to all in my neighborhood for allowing me to volunteer them for double duty with Halloween Take 2. It certainly wouldn't have happened without the more than 30 families who answered their doors that night with candy in hand! The other point that warrents mention is that Shoprite, more than any other local business, has ALWAYS been willing to go above and beyond to help support our community efforts. When our neighborhood got together to rebuild Roselle Park after half of it was torn down and removed with no plan to fix it, Shoprite came all day and provided food and drinks from morning to evening for the entire community. They did the same for so many other individual neighborhood functions, and even our recent town wide cornhole tournament, complete with a huge cake decorated to look like a cornhole board. They are wonderful community partners, and if you don't currently shop there, you should definitely consider doing so! : )
Sarah Studley November 13, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Thanks for the comments Kim. And Scrunchy's name has been corrected!


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