How to Decorate With Beige

By Amy Thomasson
By Amy Thomasson
How to Decorate With Beige


Beige is often overlooked and under-appreciated. You won't see this hue on a "bold color" list. In fact this neutral shade is frequently used as the default color for interiors as an option for color, carpet, cabinetry and tile. There's a reason for this-beige goes with almost everything.

How Do You Maximize the Effect of This Shade?


For starters, begin by seeing beige as an asset. After all, this warm color is a wonderful complement to deep shades such as green, blue and red. Not to mention, there is something rich about its tone and the way it brings out the best in the decor that surrounds it. Today we present a variety of images that pay tribute to beige in all of its glory. In the process, we reveal some hints and tips for getting the most out of this color. It's the new beige.

Modern Beige
Beige is a favorite for traditional spaces, but did you ever notice that this color can also be used in modern interiors? The bigger the design risks you're willing to take, the greater the payoff, as shown by our first featured space. Check out the unique details that fill this room, from animal sculptures to bold pendant lighting.

Instead of viewing beige as a "safe" hue that's the best option when you can't decide on a color, see this hue for what it truly is-a great way to accentuate a modern space! After all, beige is anything but distracting, adding rich color to an interior while keeping the palette understated enough to call attention to other elements (such as amazing modern architecture). 

Layers of Beige

What's better than beige? Layers of beige! Draperies, seating, walls and rug combine in the traditional-meets-modern space below, along with contemp0rary artwork that adds color while highlighting the neutral tones of the space.

Adding Color to Beige

Beige and Green 

Maybe it's the way these three colors evoke natural elements such as sand, grass and the sky. Or perhaps it's the way green and blue pop against a subtle yet rich backdrop. Whatever the appeal, beige, blue and green can be combined in various arrangements to maximize style. And it's easy to see why! Below is an image of a beige kitchen with verdant accents.

Beige and Blue

Blue and beige can be just as striking, as shown in the living room below. Blue pillows stand out in our next featured warm-toned space. And we can't take our eyes off the modern blue and cream artwork that hangs in the dining room past the arch.

Beige and Violet    

One combination that is undeniably interesting involves a blend of beige and purple shades. Yes, there is something natural and striking about this duo! And versatile! Below we see a traditional space by Eric Schmidt. 

Beige and Magenta

When the violet veers into magenta territory, the result is increasingly bold, as shown in the modern living room below. Once again, we get depth and interest by varying the violet shades. Pillows and glassware in slightly different hues combine in design perfection. 

Beige and Red

There's just something about beige...especially when you combine it with a bold shade of red! Not only do vibrant hues pop against the background of beige, this color can add more drama than crisp shades such as stark white. Below we see coral on either side of a black mirror. It's hard to miss the red-orange shade, especially since it's echoed on the vibrant throw that rests on the armchair.

Child-Friendly Beige with Pops of Orange

We end with a child-friendly space that showcases a rainbow of color, including strong doses of bright orange. In fact, orange is a natural fit for beige. The brighter you go with this hue, the bolder (and often the more modern).

Would you paint a room in your home beige? Or perhaps you already have! Tell us about the other colors you used in order to bring out the best in this hue.  

Let us share our ideas with you! 

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