Wanted: Community-Minded Mount Kisco Folks

Mount Kisco Village Hall. Patch file photo
Mount Kisco Village Hall. Patch file photo
How about giving back to your community? 

There are vacancies on the following Board, Committee and Commissions in Mount Kisco:

  • Board of Assessment Review (5 year term)
  • Leonard Park Committee (5 year term)
  • Tree Preservation Board (3 year term)
  • Mount Kisco Historical Society
  • Planning Board (3 year term) Alternate Member
  • Beautification Committee
  • Conservation Advisory Council  (2 year term)
  • Architectural Review Board (3 year term)

Outlines describing the powers, duties and responsibilities of any of those committees are available upon request.

Interested?  Email or call Village Manager James Palmer at jpalmer@mountkisco.org or (914-864-0033).  
I Believe March 21, 2014 at 09:02 AM
Town Hall is failing to wake up everyday and come up with ideas to restart the commerce activities throughout town. What a disgrace that the former BORDERS BOOK STORE is now vacant 48 months. What a disgrace that an Emergency Economic Task Force cannot go into action and pull the owners, their banks, and the Town, altogether in one room and at a minimum turn it into a temporary use of somekind without a review process that takes months or years, but can be approved in under 1 to 3 visits into town hall. What about allowing that location to be a Flea Market that is only open on the weekends? What about bringing back a DISCO BALL - wood floors - and old fashion Roller Skates. How about attracting a major retailer that would like to have a micro presence - BLOWOUT CENTER. How about getting a major developer to demolish the Borders Book Store, Movie Theater, the firehouse, and building a three story project of somekind? Move the firehouse to the rear of the Police Station. At the same time, build a three level parking garage. Mt. Kisco is a dying Village, we need our Town Hall to become proactive and not lazy in attracting new life into the area. We need people walking around who want to spend money. We need annual events that bring out BBQ, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Big White Tents, Classi Cars, Fashion Shows, Fireworks, Musci, Cotton Candy. Town Hall has to act like they are in the entertainment business and do something to create an energy of prosperity. Go out and count the vacant stores, go out and talk to who is considering on closing up, go out and ask the merchants if they have been able to SAVE MONEY. No no , Town Hall, it is time for you to WAKE UP or be removed from Office!


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