Donations Needed! YHFD/My Brother Vinny Adopt Fire Houses - It's Ain't Easy Living In Breezy

Donations Needed! It's Ain't Easy Living In Breezy! Please donate for next Fire House delivery on 2/18/13 with Yorktown Heights Engine Co#1 and My Brother Vinny!

It Ain’t Easy Living in Breezy  

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Please email mybrothervinny@yahoo.com to donate if you missed Wednesday’s fire house drop off or contact us via Facebook for updated info. Martin McGannon, Kenny Beck, Rich Weber coordinating with Fire House.

It Ain’t Easy Living in Breezy! A little over 100 days after Hurricane Sandy and so many are still in need! That’s why Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 and My Brother Vinny have coordinated to “Adopt Fire Houses” that have suffered devastating loss and destruction during Hurricane Sandy through the storms and the fires on Breezy Point. Many helped during the initial onslaught of the tragedy and like all tragedies forget that as time goes by the needs tend to outlast the goodwill.

On Monday February 6, 2013 YHFD (Kenny Beck) & My Brother Vinny (Paula Miritello) made an emergency relief effort to bring Thermals, gloves & hats to both the Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department (PBVFD) & The Island Park Volunteer Fire Department. They both suffered tremendous loss and are currently at different stages of the rebuild. The PBVFD suffered a catastrophic loss from the Fires that destroyed 111 homes and the strong storms surge that left them battling storm waters. We made our 2nd trip down to Point Breeze Fire Department on Sunday, February 10, 2013 where we delivered hot food/cold food a couch, counter height stools, clothing and a variety of other items.

As of today February 14, 2013; The Point Breeze Fire Department is currently still in desperate need of help!  In the two times we have been down there and meeting with Captain John Fahy we have been given a tour of his dilapidated fire house, where 15 men, most who lost homes through floods and fires slept on FEMA Cots, walls are ripped down in need of sheetrock that they do not have the resources and the knowledge to repair on their own. They have lost their homes and they are trying to rebuild the best they can. 100 days after Hurricane Sandy we did not expect to see such disarray and our citizens and your fellow brothers still trying to survive. Captain Fahy gave us a list of items and I am sure his needs are so much great than what he mentioned. So let’s show him how we get things done let’s ensure they get the help they need from our network. We have also spoke with two (2) other neighboring fire houses Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department & The Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department where we will add them to the request for hot/cold food below since they are further along on the rebuild.

Next trip to Breezy Point is Monday, Feb. 18, 2013.

Wish list items needed – (Please be advised we will add on to items within the next week.)

Clothing – MENS ONLY – Large, XL, 1X, 2X and 3XL (Sweatshirt, Large Size Pants, Sweatpants, T-Shirts) 

Undergarments – Socks, Boxers (size XL, IX, 2XL) Undershirts sizes XL, 1X, 2X)

Shoes – Gently used, the Chief is size 14.

Food – They continue to rely on outreach for meals – 3 - 6 Foot Wedge, trays of Ziti, Cookies & Brownies (If people would like to donate more platters, we can bring to 2 other fire houses in their coalition)

Food Non Perishables – Soups, Dry Food, Canned Food, Cereals, etc.

Storage Containers - Rubbermaid, Containers

Equipment – Water Cans Fire Extinguishers, Chainsaws (We have 2 donated already; but extra always needed).

Barstools - This request has been filled as of today 2/14/13

Water – Cases of Water – Turco’s donated over 10 cases yesterday 2/13/13, but water is always needed

Cleaning Supplies – Garbage Bags,  paper towels. 

Construction Help –  As of 2/13/13 – Point Breeze Voted to hire a general contractor since they good not wait any longer for volunteers.

Furniture – Couch; this request has been completed as of 2/5/13 and delivered. Recliner chair will be picked up on 2/18/13 on way down. They will take an additional Couch if available.

Online Resource Information 

https://www.facebook.com/MyBrotherVinny?ref=ts&fref=ts – My Brother Vinny Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/PointBreezeVFD?ref=ts&fref=ts – The Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department

https://www.facebook.com/Breezypoint.RVFD?ref=ts&fref=ts Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department

"Keep Me In Your Heart" - Breezy Point Day 78


Rockaway Point Volunteer Fire Department The Red
Cross has pretty much been nonexistent throughout the entire disaster. They
drive around the neighborhood hitting the horn on the truck and saying hot
food, water. By the time people get to where they were the truck is already

https://www.facebook.com/RPVFD?ref=ts&fref=ts Rockaway Point

In their words, Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department –

Our community, known as Roxbury, Breezy Point, New York is located in a quite remote area at the exposed Western most tip of the Rockaway peninsula with the pounding Atlantic Ocean on one side and the harshly windy Jamaica Bay on the other.

We have been volunteering to provide an emergency service capability in this community since 1910 and have always been able to count on our faithful residents to provide whatever financial help was needed to maintain our firefighting, rescue, and ambulance service in good repair and availability.

We now find ourselves in the awkward position of needing to replace existing capital equipment (ambulance) and vital gear (radios; turn-out-coats; boots; pants; helmets; etc) all damaged or ruined in the horrific fire and storm surge that engulfed our community when Hurricane Sandy visited us.

We are first responders and the first line of defense for this little community of Breezy Point. As the storm approached and a mandatory evacuation order was issued, the FDNY evacuated the peninsula and removed all their motorized equipment – fearing it might be ruined by the expected storm surge. This left us all alone to deal with any and all emergency situations – our volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel remained on duty and answered the call even as our firehouse flooded with six foot of seawater.

Our brave men and women fought and contained the fast moving fire whipped by hurricane force winds that destroyed 111 of our neighbor’s homes. We remain on duty with borrowed equipment and donations of food, water, and fuel. 

We need your help to rebuild our emergency service – our twenty year old, second-hand ambulance was destroyed and much of our gear ruined – yet we remain vigilantly on duty.

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My Brother Vinny February 17, 2013 at 03:47 AM
DONATIONS - Hi Everyone were going to Breezy Point again on Monday!! Still have tomorrow to donate non perishable food, hot food, cookies, socks, XL, 1X, 2X Boxers, undershirts and clothing. We can do pick ups tomorrow during day! Also, clothing in nice condition in large sizes!! Thank you!! Message me mybrothervinny@yahoo.com, find us on FB, etc.
michelle roitman February 17, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Isthere going to be another trip? i would love to make a bunch of food but i just saw this..... if there is going to be another run when would it be? i can make food in bulk *(ziti, cookies, brownies ect... if requests are put in thats fine too)* in addition would i have to deliver it to you guys hot or will they warm it up???
My Brother Vinny February 17, 2013 at 06:59 PM
Hi Michelle, Thank you so much offering to help with donations. Yes, I am sure we will make another trip. Tomorrow is our 3rd in less than 2 weeks. The hot food they heat up with the sternos. They do not have an oven that is operational now. I will let you know tomorrow when i know more after tomorrows run. Go to our Facebook page My Brother Vinny since I post a lot of up to date stuff there as well. Thank you so much!! We actually just got alot of dessert today thankfully from a Yorktown High School Dance that gave us the leftovers to bring down. Thank you :) Have a great day! Paula
My Brother Vinny February 18, 2013 at 08:46 PM
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.341133912663635.71524.292493454194348&type=1&l=882dffb622 Just got back from Breezy Point Donation day!! Will have new blog up in a day or so!! Thank you all that participated! Please view our Facebook for up to the minute info!
My Brother Vinny February 21, 2013 at 06:21 PM
An undated need list will be posted on tomorrow's blog!


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