How To Handle Sustainable Playland's Latest Temper Tantrum

Dear Legislator Harckham:

While I applaud the structured and to date very efficient review process that the Labor, Parks, Planning & Housing Committee put in to place for the vetting of Sustainable Playland's plan for our beloved County park, and while I commend all the members of the committee for the time and work they have put into this matter, I have to say that this week's developments threw me for a loop. 

As I understand it, when the Committee set up these meetings and this schedule, it was agreed upon by SPI that they were amenable and would actively attend, that they were agreeable to the outlined schedule and promised to cooperate and provide you with all answers and information requested and needed.  After I believe just three meetings, SPI has now withdrawn themselves from the review process. 

They are citing their excuses as the following: 

1) The latest law suit filed by Legislator Jenkins - which was filed on 12/31/13 and has been in place since before this Committee's review meeting schedule was drawn up (so why did it just become an issue for them this week?);

2) The letter Rye City sent to the County regarding the SEQR process and other jurisdictional issues. 

The entire time that SPI was undergoing review by the Government Ops Committee last year there was a similar law suit hanging over the proceedings, and they never felt that served as a need to halt things. There is no apparent legal reason why they cannot proceed with the review process based on the letter sent from Rye to the County. I see no mention of any request by Rye to cease and desist all proceedings. 

I believe that the excuses offered by SPI for their withdrawal from the review process are unacceptable and I find it offensive that they seem to think they control the process.   I'm calling on the Legislators to tell SPI that they need to get back to the review meeting table immediately or forfeit their consideration. There is no reason they cannot continue to answer the questions Legislators - and the public - have about the SEQR filing and the financials. (A coincidence that they pulled out prior to these particular upcoming meetings after the poor showing they had at the one on traffic and parking? I think not.) 

Playland has waited long enough for help. SPI playing this ridiculous card is only going to serve to draw the whole process out even longer and waste more precious time and more taxpayer money.

Please do not continue to allow this group to call the shots. It's totally inappropriate and in my opinion, totally unacceptable. If I apply for a job, I don't get to tell the potential employer doing the interview that I'll leave and only come back when the interview process is going more to my liking. I would never expect to get a call back after that and I certainly wouldn't expect to get the job. 

Who is in charge here? Sustainable Playland, or Westchester County? 

Deirdre Curran
Port Chester, NY

For more info or to sign the petiion/order lawn signs:

To contact your Legislators: www.westchesterlegislators.com


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