Blogs: Sandy Hook Support, from Home and Afar

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

While Newtown, CT nurses wounds that will never fully heal, the Lower Hudson Valley -- and the rest of the nation -- continues to reel.

Patch blogger Dr. Dinorah Nieves, deputy director of the Guidance Council of Westchester, offers a start for coping with the unimaginable shooting that left 20 elementary school children, and six adults, dead.

Nieves tackles pressing issues parents may be struggling with, like "why does this seem so close to me?" or, "my child has ADHD and asked me if he is going to end up like [Lanza]."

The massacre has had legislative ramifications, as well. Politicos in Westchester are pushing for a bill that would permenantly ban gun shows at the White Plains County Center. While the 2013 Gun and Knife shows has already been called off, legislators like Ken Jenkins say it's not enough -- and that all firearm displays should be history.

In the Newtown Patch stable of blogs, folks from around the world are lending words to help cope with the tremendous loss.

A fourth grader has penned a poem for those who lost their lives; a hospice volunteer has offered the services of comfort animals; and others offer prayer.


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