Patch Comments: 'The Governor And His Attorney General Do Not Have A Clue'

Controversial train station ads, gay marriage, and the gun debate are just some of the topics that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking on the comments board last week.

Editor's Note: Following are comments on some of last week's popular stories in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties.

Train Station Ads Claim Israel Does 'Apartheid'

"Despicable! I wouldn't be surprised if they are defaced and taken down immediately... Spray paint sales are about to skyrocket!" -- Rica Mendes

Eastchester's "Fast Casual" Restaurant Ban

"Glad for the ban. We have sufficient local deli's and other restaurants where you can get something quick without these chain restaurants. Support our local merchants!" -- Joyce Baliint


"I'm not crazy about chain restaurants either but we could use a little diversity beyond pizza slices, meatball wedges and take-out Chinese. If fast food chains are viewed so negatively, how did we wind up with Dunkin Donuts and Carvel? Glad to see the new restaurants Polpettina and Burrata but how much pizza can you eat?" -- CarolAR

Lowey: My Views on Marriage Equality Have 'Evolved'

"America's number 1 priority: gay marriage? A lot of energy spent on gay marriage while Rome burns. Ms. Lowey, remember when you were whining about how much time Republicans were spending on abortion instead of the economy & jobs? Sad you can't (won't) find time in your busy schedule to fight for the equal rights of the unborn. "If only they would apply the same creativity and innovation to creating jobs and getting our economy back on track." ~ Nita Lowey http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rep-nita-lowey/americans-1-priority-abor_b_1076097.html" -- Theresa Flora


"Thanks Ms Lowey for your intelligent and thoughtful acknowledgment of your change of heart. Like many Americans, time has revealed that we must consider the rights of all our citizens not just ones that fit neatly into one category. And, thank you for being pro-choice and supporting women's reproductive freedom consistently and without reservation." -- Emily Haft Bloom

Was Mamaroneck in the Wrong For Banning 'Geese' Emails?

"What is going on in our little Village? Our local government should be run by the people of the village and by what they want not by elected officials who suddenly have decided that what they think is more important than listening to what we want. WHen please is the next election? Everyone needs to come to all of the open meetings (oh right then they will cancel them because too many people come) and speak their ONE MINUTE opinion on what is happening here. Double parking in the village is a mess, garbage all over Halstead Ave, assesment issues and what is going on with the planning department? Stand up for our rights! Goose droppings making problems for sports teams? This is not a priority - there are many other issues that need to be resolved. Sorry Norm, voted for you but you stopped listening to us and deserve to go" -- sawyer1952@aol.com


"Great reporting Stefani on an important issue. To the layman, it seems that there are two different legal issues, first the constitutional issue and second, the responsibility of government to retain records it receives. After reading the article my take away is that if the Village doesn't have records of the blocked emails they are in violation of the records retention law. Unfortunately, and more importantly if they don't have the records there may be a first amendment violation of the constitutional right of citizens to petition their government. IMHO, it is offensive for the Village Manager to refer to the Village receiving numerous emails from residents and others exercising their constitutional rights as an "attack" and that it was done by "outside groups". It he has some evidence to back that contention up he should put up or shut up. There are such things as deliberate attempts to crash servers by overloading them but I haven't heard prior to this that this was suspected. The Mayor and Manager don't seem to understand it is a bad practice to disrespect people and then violate their rights. To paraphase another poster it may be that "We don't have a goose problem, we have a Mayor and Manager problem!" -- SRT

Administrative Shakeup at Sheriff's Department Creates Second Undersheriff Post

"how wise is it to put someone in this position who may well retire at 3/4 pay in less than 2 yrs. will this job up her pension and by how much." -- stephany


"As usual your blind hatred for police is evident and as usual your statements are inaccurate. No where in the article did it state Barbera is or was injured so she will not receive 3/4 pension even if she retired in 5 yrs. Also it clearly states that this position is at the same salary as her chief position and actually eliminates 2 other positions saving money. So there is no way to "job up her pension"" -- Reality

9-Month-Old Puppy Used as ‘Bait Dog’ Dies

"And where is the outrage? This is very upsetting. There sure must be a lot of MONEY in dog fighting and animals are just 'property'. Something needs to CHANGE." -- Margaret Callahan


"This is so unbelievably sad. May this poor dog rest in peace. Where there is dog fighting there are gangs, drugs, and violence. These people need to be found and put away for a long time." -- Kim

"I own one gun, a Mossberg pump shotgun. When I bought it, they ran my name through a computer, I came up clean, and walked out of the store with the gun within five minutes. If that's the "oppressive" background check the gun lobby is whining about, I don't get it." -- Brian


"The anti gunners know that they won't get what they want all at once- so if they can get more detailed information built into the national background check, they can then track exactly who owns what- and a few years down the line, confiscation is made simpler." -- Teleman


"This Governor and his Attorney General do not have a clue. Coumo hoped to take the high ground and he did. Now he is in the National spotlight. He is the poster boy for being out of touch with his State and the rest of the Country. He has ended any hope of being President. He will be proclaimed the anti Constitution candidate, so he is done for. I know a young man who is in a Police Academy and they were told that they will NOT be exempt from the current Law, but they are joining with other Police Agencies and will not comply. Counties across the State are passing resolutions to repeal the Law. Mr. Coumo and Schneiderman are so out of touch with the people of State it is scary, when their own Police and County Governments are unwilling to comply and they did not expect it is sad. I had high hopes for Mr. Coumo, but I am now very disappointed. When the NRA has a better, more stringent, and comprehensive plan for effective background checks than our Politicians can come up with, that is sad also." -- James Bankhart


"Here in the UK we certainly have people with mental health problems, we have criminals. What we don't have is the idiocy of a highly ambiguous 2nd Amendment that allows what are essentially wartime weapons, or 'assault' weapons with high capacity magazines. Result: a mere handful of gun-related deaths. I'm an American: I'm appalled that the deaths of kids whether on the streets of Chicago or Newtown, CT, doesn't result in the taking of these weapons of war off the streets." -- Charles Davey

"I am so glad that on White Plains City Hall steps our leaders have come out and supported the rights that every person should without a question have. Everyone has the right to happiness and to marry whomever they love. They should not be denied the rights of each and every individual and gender preference should not even come into play." -- Linda J. Eisen

VincentMVNY March 30, 2013 at 11:45 PM
"I'm appalled that the deaths of kids whether on the streets of Chicago or Newtown, CT, doesn't result in the taking of these weapons of war off the streets." -- Charles Davey Mr. Davey: Chigago= thugs & criminals. Newtown=One mentally disturbed person. Wouldn't it be more logical and to the point to take criminals off the street and treat mentally disturbed persons in mental institutions, rather than "taking these weapons off the street"?
Joseph J Gannon March 31, 2013 at 02:33 PM
The UK police forces long ago began to quietly re-arm, not just in the CID under certain circumstances. Many patrol officers, depending on their assignment, are armed. Street violence in the British Isles has steadily escalated, particularly in the large urban centers like London and Manchester. So we need no lecture from the Brits. The premise of the statement is valid. Whether the press would have Andrew knighted as the new wunderkind, he is anything but. Just another politcal hack. I was no fan of his Dad but at least his moral compass worked. Let's not forget Andrew's significant role in creating the credit crisis when he was bludgeoning banks into granting mortgages to completely unqualified applicants under ther Community Redevelopment Act.


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