Unusual Suspects: Vacuum Held Hostage; 3-Year-Old Escapes From Home; Man Almost Pushed Off Train Platform

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Bedford Hills Man Charged with DWI

Police found a Bedford Hill man asleep in his car on West Patent Road and charged him with drunk driving. The driver appeared to be unconcious despite hte loud music blasting from his speakers. Police also detected the scent of alcohol in the car. After waking up the sleeping driver, police gave him field sobriety tests, which he apparently failed. 

'Lockdown' Brings in Police from Throughout Westchester to Mount Vernon H.S.

Mount Vernon High School was placed under "lockdown" last week after what police only described as an incident required police from communities and law enforcement agencies throughout Westchester to handle. No further information was available. 

Police Blotter: Deer Tangled in Backyard Apparatus

A deer was tangled in a backyard apparatus in Mamaroneck but was freed. 

Police: 3-Year-Old Found Alone in Pajamas on Nanuet Street

Clarkstown police received a call regarding a 3-year-old Nanuet boy spotted on the street alone Friday morning. The caller then recognized the boy and returned him to his house, about 100 feet away. According to police, the boy left the house while his mother was in the shower. When the mother realized her son was gone, she assumed he was at his grandmother's house next door and went to work. The grandmother usually cares for the child while the mother is at work. Police are still investigating the incident.

L.I. Man Arrested on Gun Possession Charge in Nyack

A man was arrested twice in one week after getting charged with illegal gun posession and felony drunken driving. The man, from Long Island, was most recently arrested after police investigated a report of a man with a gun at the Nyack Best Western. A loaded .357 magnum revolver was found in his room as was more ammunition. 

Police: New Rochelle Man Nearly Pushed Off Port Chester Train Station Platform

A New Rochelle man was almost pushed off the Metro North train platform by a Connecticut man, according to police. The alleged pushing was unprovoked, according to the report. After police arrested the alleged pusher, he claimed not to remember the incident. The attack was stopped by a woman who was with the alleged pusher. 

Police: Student Pressured to Stab Peer

A Children’s Village student was allegedly pressured to stab another student and when he refused, he was assaulted. Police say the victim has bruising to his forehead, back, neck and shoulders. 

A 27-year-old Mahopac man was arrested after allegedly attempting to assault a 16-year-old with a razor in the teen's home. Police say a dispute apparently errupted over how the teen treated a female and the 27-year-old threatened to slit the teen's throat and kill the teen's family. When the 27-year-old arrived at the teen's home, the teen allegedly used a baseball bat to defend himself and hit the man in the head, which stunned him and allowed the family time to call the police.

Tarrytown Police: Vacuum Held Hostage

A man filed a complaint with police that one of his employees had stolen a vacuum worth $1,200 in an attempt to collect money the employee was allegedly owed. The man did not want to press criminal charges but requested the vacuum be returned. The employee returned the vacuum and police recommended he take the employer to court if he was truly owed wages. 


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