New Castle Police: State Roads All Reopened

Work shifts to county-owned roads, then town-owned roads.

(Below is a Friday afternoon update from New Castle Police on the status of post-Hurrcanie Sandy road closures. All state-owned roads, meaning those with numbers, have been cleared. Work is shift now to county-owned roads, with town-owned roads to follow.)

Good Afternoon. Since the storm ended Tuesday morning, New Castle DPW, New Castle Police and ConEd crews working as a team have been able to open the following roads. NY Routes 117, 128, 134, 133, and 120.

Today we are scheduled to open Pinesbridge Road and Seven Bridges Road.

Once that work is completed we will then have access to town roads and we can start to open up the Town Roads. We plan to open Roaring Brook Road between RT 120 and the Saw Mill River Parkway. Our next priority will be opening all Town Roads which are blocking entire neighborhoods. We will be prioritizing the opening of roads by determining which openings will serve the greatest number of residents first. Nobody is or will be forgotten by us, we are coming.

ConEd power restoration actions are starting to occur in town. The town does not get a schedule from ConEd indicating who will get power when. It is strongly suggested that residents without power should call 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633) ON A DAILY BASIS STARTING TODAY until your power returns. Every house on your street without power should be calling this number, this is what ConEd relies on to determine how many homes on your street are still out.

New Castle Police will assist New Castle Seniors and persons with special needs in getting to the Red Cross shelter located at Chappaqua Crossing. If a Senior calls asking for help, the police will get you to the shelter no matter what is in the way.

Please continue to look in on your neighbors. Call New Castle Police if you think a neighbor may need help in getting out of their home to a shelter. Please also be alert in your neighborhoods for any suspicious activity. If you know neighbors are away and see activity, call police to check out the activity.

You are not in this alone, the town is working very hard around the clock to get us all back to normal.

Contact Information: 
LT Daniel Cannon 
Patrol Division 


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