D.A.: Sleepy Hollow Man Took Lewd Images Under Women's Skirts at Target

Jose Piedra was arraigned in Westchester County Court on 14 counts of unlawful surveillance.

A Sleepy Hollow man was arraigned Tuesday in Westchester County Court on charges of recording images under women's skirts in the .

Jose Piedra, 48, of Kendall Ave. was observed on Aug. 22, 2011, by Target store security placing his cellphone under unsuspecting female shoppers' skirts and taking pictures and video, according to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office. Security alerted White Plains police, who watched the store's surveillance video and were able to locate Piedra still in the store continuing his actions.

“When they returned to the security office, police were informed the defendant had been observed repeating his actions with another woman while police were looking for him,” said Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

After obtaining a warrant, police found several video clips on Piedra's phone. 

Piedra was charged with 14 counts of second-degree Unlawful Surveillance, a class "E" felony, "relating to the illegal photographing of a person’s intimate parts for his own sexual purposes," said DiFiore.

Piedra could face up to four years in state prison for each count against him. He is scheduled to appear in County Court on May 8. The case will be prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Michelle Lopez, Deputy Chief of the Sex Crimes Bureau.

Note: This information does not indicate a conviction.

Aintthatascam April 15, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Chasing spanish people around, are you kidding me? Have you been to the Sleepy Hollow courthouse on court day, it's 98% hispanic and latino violators, your comment is stupid.
lpdowdell@gmail.com April 15, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I would say that abou 99% are latinos and blacks. There is a serious discrimination problem in SLEEPY HOLLOW. Cops are everywhere waiting for you to give you a ticket. Driving to SLEEPY HOLLOW is like driving through HELL. Spanish and blacks are TARGETS. They are easy tickets for the cops -- especially if hispanics do not speak English. They will arrest you
Aintthatascam April 15, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Don't mix blacks in with your figures and try to pull a race card. You want to, okay then, the other 1%, in court are "others" including, as you like to say, blacks. The fact is that Sleepy Hollow's hispanic population is HUGE, so of course there will be more Hispanic violators than any other race, that's 3rd grade math. Another thing, if you think it is a serious issue, why don't you contact the FBI? if it's that bad, maybe Jose, et al, should move?
lpdowdell@gmail.com April 15, 2012 at 09:22 PM
for Aintthatascam's comment since I could not reply to it: So, if there are many latinos and blacks, 1) what are you, then, white, indian, minority? Why is the cops majority white -- check your math!
former customer April 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM
That was my question. But apparently there are other instances like this - one guy had a 'shoe camera' (he should be working for NASA, never mind being a perv) - so it IS possible. I too would think a woman would notice a perv on the floor, but if the perv is behind them, who knows? I can't recall, is the space between the merchandise limited at Target? He could possibly hide in the clothing and get underneath their skirts that way. I guess one of the morals of the story: if you're going shopping, wear pants. Pictures of his wife? And he's a deacon in his church and feeds stray puppies and kitties? He was 'observed' by Target security. Did Target security have it in for him? Was he known to the Target security guy and he had a beef with him? But let's not make a saint out of the guy until we know all the facts. There are plenty of pervs out there, IF he is another of them, lock him up and throw away the key. NO, we don't know all the facts, and there are three sides: his, the police, and the truth.


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