Chappaqua Crossing Groceries: Developer Responds

Summit/Greenfield states intent to submit new plan with grocery zoning.

(Editor's Note: The following is a statement from Chappaqua Crossing owner and developer Summit/Greenfield, on the New Castle Town Board's proposed rezoning of the site's commercial part to allow for grocery use. You can read more about over coverage of the new proposal here).

Summit/Greenfield has followed the Town Board’s discussion of its stated desire to increase the Town’s commercial tax base and simultaneously provide a much neededamenity for the community - a full service grocery store – as reflected in the proposedamendment of the Town’s Zoning Code.

We have reviewed the proposed local law for an Office Park Retail Overlay District and believe that it provides a thoughtful framework for the creation of limited retail uses atthe Chappaqua Crossing site which would be complementary to on-site office, research and residential uses, as well as to the broader Chappaqua community.

Summit/Greenfield has supported in the past, and continues to support, efforts to increase the Town’s commercial tax base, as well as the financial viability of theproperty, and we welcome the Town Board’s stated desire to expand the potential usesat the site.

We plan to make a submission concerning the potential development of retail uses at Chappaqua Crossing and will offer our comments on the proposed Office Park Retail Overlay District.

David September 26, 2012 at 03:56 PM
The mosque is obviously out of place in the neighborhood. No credible plan has been given for parking on holidays when attendance will zoom up to many times the provided amount of parking. Even on regular days, it will be far more traffic than anything else in that area gets. This is why we have zoning, so neighborhoods can retain their character. There's no reason to throw zoning out the window just for these applicants. And then there's all the environmental laws they want waivers for. Why grant these waivers? Why have the laws at all then?
citiZEN September 27, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Let's get back to the issue at hand. What kind of town doesn't have a grocery store??? Chappaqua should not only have a grocery store, but a GOOD grocery store. Zoning board, get with the program and make this happen! We don't pay tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes to schlep two towns or more away to shop at a mediocre grocery store. Get a Wegmans or Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in here. For those of you frightened of increased traffic, watch out for Fresh Express and Pea Pod, because they're coming to a neighbor near you soon...
Bassett September 27, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Are you familiar with Millwood, there is an A &P there. There is a Key Food in Pleasantville a 5 minute drive. There are other supermarkets not far away. If a world class grocery was what you were after then perhaps you chose the wrong Hamlet for your home.
B October 01, 2012 at 05:04 PM
citiZEN, to answer your question about what type of town does not have a grocery store, you must understand the thought process of the former New Castle Town Board led by Ms. Barbara Gerrard. To avoid Litigation, it was deemed acceptable for our only supermarket to be replaced by a second and therefore superfluous mega-drugstore - when a simple zoning change would have kept the supermarket as a supermarket. Then, we have the Conifer Affordable Housing proposal for the uninhabitable land bordered by the train tracks, the Saw Mill Parkway and the bridge. This disgraceful proposal is universally hated by just about everyone in town - but was wholeheartedly supported by Ms. Gerrard and her Town Board. The proposal of a Mosque in New Castle is no surprise despite the apparent lack of Muslims in New Castle. This proposal was fully supported and proudly championed by Ms. Gerrard and her Town Board. Unfortunately, despite the fact that she no longer serves our town, the legacy of the Gerrard era Town Board will affect our town negatively for many years to come - unless the current Town Board has the courage to deny the Conifer application, to deny the Mosque application and finally to fix our Zoning Laws so that future issues like the loss of our only supermarket do not occur again.
Barbara Satow October 05, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Anyone who lives in Lawrence Farms East and has to make the left turn onto 117 from Annandale several times a day can tell you that the inevitably huge increase in traffic that would result from a supermarket cannot be supported by a one lane road in that area. Is there a proposal to deal with the traffic problem?


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