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For Crackdown, New Castle Recaps Leash Law

Tough enforcement planned in response to dog bite of town employee.

Editor's Note: As the Town of New Castle is preparing for a crackdown on unleashed dog activities in response to a town employee having been bitten by one, a summary of the existing laws has been posted on the town's website for people to read. Supervisor Susan Carpenter also provided an overview, noting the prohibitions, at the start of Monday's Town Board meeting. Below is the recap from the website).

NOTICE - The Town of New Castle is actively enforcing our Park laws including our leash laws in our Town Parks including Gedney Park.

Our Park rules include the following regulations:
- Dogs are NEVER permitted in playground areas
- Dogs are NEVER permitted on ball fields
- Dogs MUST be under voice and visual control at all times EVEN when off leash on the trails in our parks.
- No one may walk more than three dogs at any time in any of our Town Parks.

The complete Park rules are clearly posted in our parks and are available in their entirety on the Recreation and Parks section of our website.  (click here or direct link)

We encourage the safe and responsible use of New Castle parks by all of our residents even our four legged ones! Park rules are in place for the safety of all who use our parks. Any person found in violation of our park rules will be issued a summons.

Thank you

Robin September 26, 2012 at 06:59 PM
The rule, "Dogs MUST be under voice and visual control" is nonesense. My dog, and I were attacked at Gedney two years ago by a pack of lose dogs "under voice and visual control" of a Pets-A-GoGo dog walker. He had absolutely no control over a wild pack of dogs vocally. The nine dogs came charging at us and there was nothing anyone could do. The dog walker had to pry one of the dogs off my leg. I was bitten right through my jeans. My dog was bitten, and we were lucky to be alive at the end of the ordeal. I have never returned to Gedney b/c I was traumatized so. At one point, during the attack I thought I was a goner, as was my dog. You need one rule at Gedney - ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES IN ALL AREAS. There's just no way to patrol, catch or contain a pack of dogs that are game to attack. Let's be serious folks.
citiZEN September 27, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Dearest dog owners, we must remind ourselves that dogs are ANIMALS, not people. "Don't worry, he's friendly" only applies to talking donkeys. #Leashorleavehome


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