Mount Kisco's Ladle of Love to Open Eatery at Chappaqua Train Station

by New Castle Town Supervisor Rob Greenstein

Over a year ago, the prior Town Board issued an RFP for rental of the train station depot.

This winter, the Town Board reissued the RFP and received four proposals. All proposals were well presented, and we wish to thank each of the applicants for their time and interest. 

The decision for the Town Board in this case required us to determine what would best serve the needs of our residents and provide the best overall value to our community. After careful consideration and review of the presentations, the majority of the Board voted to accept the proposal by Leslie Lampert to open an establishment called Love at 10514.
Love at 10514 will be inspired by Ladle of Love, the award-winning farm-to-fork food shop in Mt. Kisco. Love at 10514 will be a family-style bistro for the Chappaqua community of commuters who can count on healthy on-the-go food for the train, the office, take-home—or an easy supper in town. Hot foods such as soups and stews will be available, artisan salads and sandwiches, wraps and paninis - packaged for the grab & go commuter in earth-friendly containers. In addition, there will be bistro-style seating (about 40 seats) for commuters waiting for their trains or people picking up and/or dropping off commuters.

One of the Town Board’s concerns in terms of leasing the Train Station Depot was the nature of the renovations that would be required to allow the building to function as a restaurant. 

A majority of the Board believed that converting the interior of the Depot into a full service restaurant was not in the taxpayers’ best interests. In our view, Leslie’s proposal meets the needs of our community and provides the best re-adaptive use of Depot’s beautiful interior space. Over time, we are confident that the Train Station Depot will become a vital part of the downtown business scene.


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