Mt. Kisco Diner Plan Clears Environmental Hurdle

Planning Board gives "negative declaration," which means less paperwork.

proposed moved a step closer to approval, when the Planning Board voted that it does not constitute a significant environmental impact.

The board, which approved an environmental review document at its Aug. 28 meeting, voted for a "negative declaraction" for purposes of the state's review process. Doing so is significant because the declaration means that the project does not have to go through lengthy paperwork, which could have, under state law, included draft and final environmental impact statements.

The diner's ownership would like to construction additions totally roughly 1,250 square feet, along with 13 new parking spots.

Russell Davidon, of KG&D Architects, told the board that by the next meeting - it is slated for Sept. 24 - there will be more details on a planned exterior change and engineering feedback comments.

“Those are pretty much ready," he said.

One issue of concern from Planning Board members involve an earlier iteration of the proposal to move a county bus stop from just outside the site to further south on Route 117, by a funeral home. More space for new parking would fill in that area.

The main concern from the board about the idea had to do with safety, with concern over being able to pull out of the diner property while having clear sight.

Chairman Joseph Cosentino called it “an accident waiting to happen.”

Davidson agreed to bring up the concern to the applicant, and did not rule out having the move idea dropped. He also told the board that it predated his time with the project. 


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