New Castle: CodeRED Alerts Will be Used for Storm

Town Administrator notes that they will be sent out.

(Editor's Note: Below is a Friday announcement from New Castle Town Administrator Penny Paderewski, informing residents that the new CodeRED alert service will be used):

Update--CodeREDs will be sent out during the storm.  Information that we want our residents to be aware of now: 

1.  The Town declared an emergency at noon.  It will be in effect until Sunday at 12 noon.  This means that no parking is allowed on the roads.   

2.  Our Fire Departments have asked if you can help them by clearing hydrants near your home.  Should there be a fire, this would allow our firefighters to attend to the fire much more quickly. 

3.  If you have not received the CodeRED sent out on Thursday evening, you may have made an error when you signed up for CodeRED.  You can check your file with CodeRED by going back to the Town's website and CodeRED.  Go back into CodeRED and check your file.  You can make corrections or changes.  

4.  We ask you to stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.  Please be safe.  

5.  Stay tuned.  CodeREDs will be sent out as updates appear appropriate. 

Penny Paderewski, Town Administrator


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