New Castle to Test CodeRED Robocall System

The town is using a robocall system to improve communication for future emergencies.

The Town of New Castle is adopting a new robocall system, called the CodeRED Emergency Notification System, as a mechanism to better communicate with residents. The Town Board adopted the system last month after getting feedback from residents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

A test for CodeRED will be held on Jan. 10, the town announced. The test calls will also be used to encourage residents to add more contact information, via the town's website and to tell friends and family about it.

Residents are being asked to sign up through the town's website, www.mynewcastle.org

A copy of the town's test announcement is attached as a PDF file.

G. Schoenberg January 04, 2013 at 01:21 PM
In a storm, like Sandy, we, and most people around us, stopped having phone service as soon as the storm started. Of course, we didn't have computer (internet) either. And we didn't know where to go if we had to evacuate or even plug in our cell phones since the library was closed..


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