No Decision Yet in Henry Case Gag Order Request

The request comes after Henry's parents accused Mount Pleasant Police and Westchester County of a cover-up.

Less than a week after Danroy "DJ" Henry's parents shared accusations of a cover-up in their son's death, shooting Pleasantville Police Officer Aaron Hess' attorney has requested a gag order.

Michael Sussman, the attorney for the Henry family, announced the move Tuesday to the media and said involved parties would appear before Magistrate Judge George A. Yanthis in White Plains federal court.

In an email, he wrote, "...defendant seek a gag order against any public comment by attorneys or parties and plaintiffs oppose the same."

According to LoHud.com, Brian Sokoloff, attorney for Hess, made the request.

DJ Henry was shot to death outside the now defunct Finnegan's Bar & Grill in the Thornwood Shopping Center on the morning of Oct. 17 2010. Both Mount Pleasant and Pleasantville Police were called to the scene.

Since the time of the shooting, a Westchester County grand jury failed to indict Hess on a murder charge pursued by Henry's parents.

Henry's parents, Danroy Sr. and Angella, have since filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of their 20-year-old son, a Pace University student and Easton, MA, native. In addition to Hess, they have named The Village of Pleasantville and Westchester County as defendants.

Several of Henry's peers have also filed associated claims accusing responding police officers of brutality.

Several defendants, including Hess and other Pleasantville and Mount Pleasant police officers, have been deposed in the case.

At the press conference called by the Henrys last week, Sussman claimed a deposition by Mount Pleasant Police Officer Ronald Beckley indicated he could have shot Hess, causing the knee injury he reportedly sustained at the scene.

Hess has since retired from the Pleasantville Police Department on state-approved disability.

Sokoloff told Patch following the conference that Hess had not been shot and said his client's injury was in fact a result of being hit by Henry's car.

Henry's parents and supporters took to social media yesterday and today to oppose the gag order request.

Danroy Henry Sr. shared via Twitter, "Judge didn't hear oral arguments re the gag request. Will rule based on motions."

According to the LoHud report, Sokoloff argued in favor of a "complete ban" on media statements in the ongoing litigation, but Yanthis has not yet specified when he will rule on the request.

Dan January 31, 2013 at 03:09 PM
These people should stop their son was drunk underage in a bar and driving tried to run over an officer of the law stop trying to pin your sons actions for being killed on someone else it's his fault
joe January 31, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Would someone please answer; How did DJ Henry's car get so mangled if he was not driving the car recklessly? How is the Henry's story credible if the front wheel is bent at a 90 degree angle AND his blood alchohol was .13?
Dan January 31, 2013 at 08:16 PM
Go back to Tennesee if youw want someone to blame for your sons death blame him he's the one that was drunk and tried to kill another human being with a car your son had a fake I'd wich is a felony In a bar drinking underage hmmm who should be blamed definately not the police


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