Preston Way Bridge Gets 2nd 'Yellow Flag' Alert

In response to learning about a second yellow flag alert from the state Department of Transportation, Mount Kisco mulls having comprehensive review done for the structure.

For the second time in roughly a year, Mount Kisco's Preston Way bridge has received a yellow flag warning from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT).

The new yellow flag, Village Manager James Palmer said, is for one of the bridge's steel structures and was noted by the DOT during a fall inspection. The flaw is in addition to discovery of exposed stirrups that Palmer told the Village Board of Trustees about last year, which led to the bridge getting the first alert. The village then went through the process of getting a company picked to work on the remediation.

In response to last year's alert, the intent now is to do the column-related work next spring, Palmer said at Monday's board of trustees meeting. 

The bridge is just south of the Target and A&P shopping plaza, crosses Metro-North train tracks, and connects Route 117 with Kisco Avenue.

Yellow flag alerts serve as warnings of structure aspects that need to be corrected but do not mean that there is imminent danger for drivers.

“The columns are still fully functional," Palmer said.

With do problems discovered, Palmer would like for a comprehensive review of the bridge to be done during the column work, which would help to proactively find issues that need to be addressed.


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