Teardown Likely for Old Millwood Train Station

Town officials state that owner intends to demolish historical structure.

The old Millwood train station faces the likely prospect of being torn down, according to New Castle officials, as owner Leo Rotta has informed the town of his agreement to do so.

New Castle Director of Planning David Brito, who said Rotta has agreed to take it down, said that he is working on disconnecting electricity and the water system in preparation. A demolition permit has not been issued yet, according to Brito.

Still, it's possible that the building could get a reprieve. Supervisor Barbara Gerrard, while acknowledging that the owner has agreed to take it down, told the Millwood Task Force that "a particular group" wants to look at using it, although she did not name who.

Attempts to reach Rotta for comment on his intentions were unsucessful.

Rotta's intent to demolish the structure comes after the town's Building Department calling for him to restore the old building or to tear it down. The letter, sent by Building Inspector William Maskiell, was in response to calls from Millwood Task Force members to have the status of the structure resolved, either through rehabilitation or demolition. Some Task Force members feel that the station building in its current condition is unsafe and unsightly.

The old train station has a long history in the hamlet. First constructed to serve as Briarcliff Manor's station on the former Putnam line, the building was moved to the line's Millwood stop in 1909, according to an Images of America profile book on the history of New Castle. That train line, nicknamed the "Old Put," run through Millwood from 1888 to 1958. The line's right of way now serves as the North County Trailway for recreational bicyclists.

Jeff Kent September 14, 2011 at 04:48 PM
Nope, but I doubt anyone wants to put a shoe rental shop there ;)
Jeff Kent September 14, 2011 at 05:00 PM
I also contacted the Westchester Parks Department to see if they might be interested in this project...
Tom Auchterlonie September 14, 2011 at 07:02 PM
Update, Sept. 14: According to New Castle Building Inspector Bill Maskiell, the electric system in the building has been disconnected. However, the water system still needs to be disconnected, which is needed in order for a demolition permit to be issued. It was thought, initially, that this had already been done. At the moment, it seems that the contractor who would do this is backed up due to post-storm work, so Maskiell believes it could be a couple of weeks. Also, he has not been approached by anyone interested in renting the station.
Joseph N October 10, 2011 at 12:05 AM
Good day. It is sad to see that nothing has come of this great old building in such a beautiful town. It almost did though. After EIGHT THOUSAND dollars and many hours spent on site and town meetings, Mr. Rotta pulled a fast one . A confused man is an understatement to be kind. Manipulator? Most likely. Myself and well respected architect Chuck Napoli had a beautiful design for the property. Which include saving and restoring the historical building. Only to be stabbed in the back by Rotta in the twelth hour. In my opinion, he cares nothing for the town or this spot and could give 2 S#@!'s about how this property falls apart. It's a shame. After stringing us along for months and after getting initail approvals to move forward, the plan was scrapped because Rotta wanted to take 15 parking spaces for the lumber yard leaving our plan with 4 parking spaces. Hmmmmm, let us pay for the improvements, maintenance and get the town approval for our concept THEN, give up the parking for our establishment so you could rent spaces to the lumber yard without the town knowing . SHOULD HAVE SUED.... Good luck people, I tried. Joseph N.
Mae Isaac December 13, 2011 at 10:03 PM
I've been saying fro years this would be an adorable ice cream/hot chocolate spot - wish I had the money to invest...


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