Bedford Schools Adjust Calendar, Post-Stormy Weather

Superintendent of Schools Jere Hochman announced Thursday afternoon the need for makeup days.

Because of Superstorm Sandy, a blizzard and a major power outage that shut down the Fox Lane Campus, Bedford Central students have to make up some lost attendance days.

But no one's losing their vacation—yet.

Superintendent Jere Hochman said that middle and high school students need to make up two days, and elementary students need to recoup one day in the classroom.

Here are the calendar changes, via the superintendent's office:

  • March 15: Middle and high school students will now have a half-day of school; this could be revised to a full day of school depending on plans for parent/teacher conferences.
  • March 25 – 29: For now remains March break.
  • April 1: This will be a school day for all elementary, middle, and high school students.
  • May 3: Remains a Superintendent’s Conference Day

Here's the rest of Hochman's announcement:

If there are no more days off due to unforeseen circumstances,  there will be no need for additional make-up days.   

If there is one more snow day, the May 3 Superintendent’s Conference day will become a school day for all students.

If there is a second snow day, March 25 will be a school day.

If there is a third snow day, March 26 will be a school day.

If there is a fourth snow day… March 27 will be a school day.

Thank you. 

Jere Hochman, Superintendent of Schools


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