Chappaqua Middle Schools Hold Career Day

Students get a glimpse at opportunities that await.

Adulthood may seem far away from early adolescence, but kids in Chappaqua on Friday got a sense of what the future will be like.

Professionals in several industries came to see the student communities from both and middle schools coming together for a joint career day. Categories for panelists, who visted Seven Bridges for the event, ranged from arts and humanities to health and public service.

Kicking off the event was CEO Joel Seligman, who gave a keynote address to the students.

Seligman, talking about his industry, said you’ll find “hundreds of different kinds of jobs."

Employees at NWH are in diverse professions, and Seligman noted that the hospital employs many who are from Chappaqua, with 72 in total. They range from a vice president, to medical technologists, to nurses.

Despite the current economic climate, Seligman noted that the job market for healthcare professionals will be strong.

“You can be pretty confident about where this might lead you," he said.

Joining Seligman from NWH were Mary Gocke, a registered dietician, and David Natoli, a radiologic technologist, who shared insights about their professions.

Once the keynote ended, student broke up into groups to hear from the panelists.

Greg Santone, who is owner of and the Millwood Fire Department's First Assistant Chief, came to the event in both of his roles.

"I think it’s great," Santone, whose sons went through Seven Bridges, about the event. He liked the fact that it allows for kids to consider career options early.


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