Girardi Visits Harvey, Weighs in on Rodriguez Suspension

While speaking The Harvey School in Katonah before a crowd, New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi was asked by the event's interviewer to react to an arbitrator's ruling that means a suspension of Alex Rodriguez for the entire upcoming season, a story that has garnered headlines since it broke.

Girardi, replying to the question from NBC broadcaster (and Harvey parent) Jimmy Roberts, said he had the chance to talk to him, adding it was a “very difficult time” for him. Girardi feels that the matter is not over with, however.

Rodriguez, who issued a statement through his Facebook page blasting the process, is expected to request a court injunction on Monday, according to reports in Newsday and Fox News. 

Rodriguez was also the subject of a 60 Minutes report on Sunday regarding his suspension and the accusation behind it.

At the Harvey discussion, Roberts asked Girardi about who will play at third base if Rodriguez is not available. Girardi brought up Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Nunez as possibilities. Also mentioned was Scott Sizemore, who multiple media outlets reported as being the teams newest acquisition. 

Girardi touched more broadly on the issue of steroid usage towards the end of the discussion with Roberts, expressing concern about what it means for kids and competition.

Roberts, along with folks in the audience, got to ask Girardi several general questions about his life and career. Folks got to learn that Girardi, who is from Illinois, grew up as a Cubs fan, played for them (along with the Yankees, Cardinals and Rockies), and about his anecdotes of and respect for those he has worked with in his career.

The visit from Girardi is part of a series that the school is doing called "Harvey Presents." Others in the series include Regis Philbin - he appeared in November, the school announced - and Art Garfunkel, who is scheduled to visit on March 14.


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