Police Note 3rd Burglary Thought to Have Asian Target

Less than 24 hours after New Castle police announced a pair of burglaries in town that are believed to have been racially motivated, a third report has been announced.

New Castle Police report a third burglary in town that is believed to have been racially motivated in nature.

Police sent out a Nixle alert on Tuesday announcing the new burglary was discovered just hours after a previous burglary alert, which was sent out Monday evening. The new report comes from Birch Lane in Chappaqua, police said, and the homeowner is of Asian descent.

"This strengthens our belief that the burglars are targeting homes owned by persons with Asian last names," police said in the Nixle alert. "Residents are advised to take necessary precautions to protect their property." 

When police sent out the first alert, it was noted that a Nov. 5 burglary report on Millwood's Surrey Lane and a more recent reported burglary on Chappaqua Mountain Road in Chappaqua had victims of Asian descent.

Police ask people to call 914-238-4422 if they see anything suspicious or to dial 911 if a crime in progress is seen.


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