Chappaqua Train Station May (or May Not) Need A lot of Work

Town is having infrastructure looked at amid plans to seek a tenant.

While New Castle Town Board members are interested in renting out the Chappaqua train station, what type of business can use the building may have a major impact on what gets fixed.

Board members discussed the situation at Tuesday's work session, with possible work on the sewer, water and electrical systems being the big parts.

In any case, it was explained, the sewer system connected to the building may need work. Such work could cost up to $250,000 if its extensive, Town Administrator Penny Paderewski explained. The piping could be checked by putting a camera through it, Paderewski told the board.

With restaurant usage being a big scenario - - the infrastructure may relate to what types of uses it can have. A full-fledged restaurant, it was explained, may involve use of gas, which in turn may need a sprinkler system. Supervisor Susan Carpenter felt that gas may not be needed for things like regular cooking.

Carpenter also felt that upgrading the electrical system might have to take place no matter what is done with the building, but noted that thye don't really have information.

Padrewski plans to have an infrastructure update in a few weeks. In the meantime, she told the board that she is starting to draft a requst for proposals (RFP) document.

Deputy Supervisor Elise Kessle Mottel said she would like to know the cost for things that will have to be done anyway.

“I think we have to know that," she said.

Councilman Jason Chapin felt that in a few weeks they will know more information and be ready to put together the RFP.

There is no overall cost estimate for work at this point, according to Paderewski.


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